Monday, December 9, 2013

Staring Daggers

I cant really remember much about this band. I went through a massive break up around this time and was drinking way way way too much. My old roomate Steve was in this band along with I believe Quinn on drums, James on bass, and Jeremy on vocals. Maybe Spenser on 2nd guitar, I dont remember just check it out. Fast pissed off hardcore. Funny story I own demo tape number 0 or these guys they ordered 100 but started numbering them from 0 so there is only 99.


Me and Mark

This was a side project of Josh James' mostly known for his role in Evergreen Terrace and Casey Jones most people dont remember him playing in Stalemate with Mark Oquinn (stalemate, Estelle). They reteamed up for this short lived project. 

- Woody

Major Payne

This was a joke rap group making fun of the scene by my friends Cancer and Scraggle. Along with a remix staring my boy Unstoppable. Major Payne played a few shows it was a ton of fun.

I'm also including a song Scraggle and Unstoppable did together I doubt they remember they did.

- Woody

Major Payne - Demo


So when I started listening to punk / hardcore I was still very much involved in the church so of course some of my first shows were church based punk bands. Lightswitch was one of the main three in Jacksonville in the mid 90's, the other two were Lugnut and Honeylocust. This is one of their records, artwork from Craig from Evergreen who played in this band for a little bit, on a side note I also played bass for this band for a few shows. I know this band had several other records I have lost over the years so if anyone has them please let me know.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dish Boy

Dish Boy - Salmon

Connected Bands: Neat-o
For Fans Of: pop punk-ska

The only thing i know about this band is, it was big dunn from neat-o

*shout out to my man ian on a few uploads


Enamored - Demo

Connected Bands: Stalemate. Evergreen Terrace
For Fans Of: Metal and Breakdowns

I don't have too many memories of this band. Seen them a few times and always had the floor moving.


Strateia - A Treasure From Ruin

For Fans Of: 18 Visions.

This band is super dope. If you were a fan of older 18 visions, I would highly suggest checking these dudes out.

XOne FifthX

XOne FifthX - Evergreen Terrace Split
XOne FifthX - 6 Song Demo
XOne FifthX - Iron Giant

For Fans Of - A New Kind Of American Saint
Connected Bands: Kids Like Us. Evergreen Terrace

A lot of kids weren't fortunate enough to see this band. I, however was. This was my favorite band to ever come out of florida. Keep in mind, this sounds nothing like kids like us.

The Softer Side

The Softer Side - Demo
The Softer Side - Stories For The Modern Retailer

For Fans Of: Rufio. Yellow Card.

I remember being in the 9th grade, and I somehow came across these guys. At that point in my life i was all about this type of music. If you are into the fast skate punk type of music... these guys are for you.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Theirteenth

The Theirteenth - Ignorant And Aggravated

Connected Bands: Set Apart. Legacies.
For Fans Of: American Nightmare. Love Is Red.

This band was HELLA short lived. also i think this was the first band Bob Presson recorded.

Annihilates The Body

Annihilates The Body - Demo
For Fans of - Metal and Mosh

My first memory of this band was at Thee Imperial, during hardcore prom. When these guys were playing, all i could say to my friends were "who the hell are these kids?!" they were so dope and so heavy.

In Due Time

In Due Time - Demo

For Fans Of - Point Of Recognition

I honestly don't think a lot of kids have heard this. Its heavy and very christ-filled. Trey and Eric were truly some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

Round For Round

Round For Round - Demo

Connected Bands: Set Apart. A Day Without Blood. If I Should Die.
For Fans Of: Mosh

This.... This was one of the most memorable times in my life. We weren't very good, but we had a blast playing. We played with all the dopiest bands in hardcore (at that time). I can't thank these guys enough for the good times.

*Thanks to jesse Rodgers for this demo

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Hallelujah - Demo

Connected bands: YAMA. Love Left Ashes
For Fans Of: I'm not sure on this one.

Rhythm Of Fear

Rhythm Of Fear - Demo

Connected Bands: Nasty Crew. Set Apart
For Fans Of: Municipal Waste

Logan and Jay are some rad dude. If you like Fast thrash-type metal, this is the record for you.


Ripper - 09 Demo

Connected bands: North 24
For Fans Of: In my opinion, it kind of reminds me of Touché Amore

I Don't know too much about this band. Jesse is rad and the demo is rad... SO DOWNLOAD IT!


Jacksonville metal-core. Featuring members of Son of A Bad Man, Hello Danger and Evergreen Terrace another record I'm gonna try to get the members to write about. 


Kids Like Us

This demo was recorded at my old house with my roommate Steve. We used fake drums on this and Im pretty sure Brandon played everything else himself. I love this band and everything they did. Some dudes lived in Tally some in Jax. Lars and Brandon were in One Fifth. Josh James from Evergreen Terrace played for a few. Check it out.

Rebels And Rogues / Beau Crum

This is my band I was in that turned into Adult Crash. This was an acoustic split we released with out good friend Beau Crum. We're supposed to release an EP afterwards that was never mixed/mastered I'll see if I can track it down and post it anyway. Featuring members of My Hostage, Evergreen Terrace, Radical Face, Jax City Oldschool Car Pool and Fashoda.

We recorded this at the famous Radical Face shed in Jax Beach around the end of 2011.


Four Star Day

Here is another golden oldie from the early 2000's. Four Star Day did that good radio pop, think Jimmy Eat World. This band wasnt around long. I know Jeremy pretty well back in the day, I'll see if I can track him down to expand more on this EP. Faturing members of Breaking Up and Lightswitch.


Far From Eden...

Here are a few records from Jacksonville's Far From Eden. Featuring members of His Name Is Iron (i believe) and Hello Danger. Im gonna try to get their own Stephen Carey to write a little bit about this band. FFO - Pop punk

Side note Stephen Carey released an AMAZING country record go buy it.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Adult Crash

Adult Crash - EP

Connected Bands: My Hostage. 108. Where Fear And Weapons Meet
For Fans Of: Lucero. The Gas Light Anthem.

This is my (Woody) band. We're still together even though I'm living in Nashville these days. The drummer is a sexy beast and played in a million bands (108, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, Hazen Street). Our bass player is the prettiest man alive. Me and Dustin are just good at getting drunk.

Inspection 12

The Home EP

Step Into The Fire

Connected bands: Some of these guys played in Yellowcard and Craigs Brother.
For Fans Of: Yellowcard

So here is the 3rd full length and an EP from Jacksonville's probably longest running punk band. This is the last two things they put out before signing to Honest Don's Records (sub of Fat Wreck) I'm pretty sure you can still find their last two full lengths; In Recovery and Get Rad. Hopefully someone will get me the first two records to upload.

Love Left Ashes

Love Left Ashes

Connected Bands: Hallelujah. YAMMA.
For Fans Of: Taking Back Sunday. The Starting Line

I played for this band for a minute, but i had nothing to do with the record. These were just a few kinds who went to dougals anderson HS.

Boys No Good

Boys No Good - Demo

Connected Bands: Kids Like Us. Casey Jones. Nasty Crew
For Fans Of: Lifetime. Fast Pop-punk.

This Band was very popular VERY quick. and how could they not be?! this demo rules, and the full length was even better. its an honest shame that they were so short lived.

Casey Jones

Casey Jones - Demo

Connected Bands: Evergreen Terrace. Anchors Away. XTime To DieX.
For Fans Of: Carry on.

Josh James had a way with getting kids to yell "questionable" phrases. For instance.... "oh my god! carl got laid!" and my personal favorite "id rather suck a dick!" you could always expect a great time when you went to a Casey Jones show.

Set Apart

Set Apart - Whats Between Us

Connected Bands: If I Should Die. We Still Dream. Swear Jar. Rhythm Of Fear. The Thirteenth.
For Fans Of: Comeback Kid. Go It Alone. Killing The Dream

This band is a band that I poured a TON of energy in to. Probably the first band that i was truly proud of. The end came when Mike and Caleb started we still dream. This is one point of my life where i was truly happy.  Enjoy this one.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

If I Should Die

If I Should Die - Ep
If I Should Die - A Bleeding Heart And A Simple Goodbye

Connected Bands: Round For Round. Set Apart. The Thirteenth. A Day Without Blood. Taken By Force.
For Fans Of: Crappy early 2000's metal-core

This was my first "real" band. We were all in our mid-late teens. Played a TON of shows. Had a few line up changes. One of my fondest memories was opening for Comeback Kid, Norma Jean and With Honor. We were so stoked on that show. it was our first "big show". at the time it was just me playing guitar. Steve/manny, was just kicked out/left the band and we wanted to sound fuller that show. so we begged woody to fill in. The show ruled.


Legacies - Demo

Connect Bands: The Thirteenth.
For Fans Of: Life Long Tragedy

This is another demo heavily slept on. Cason sounds like a monster on this. This is just overall heavy. I can't recommend this one enough.

North Twenty Four

North Twenty Four - Demo

Swear Jar

Swear Jar - Demo

Connected Bands: North 24. We Still Dream. Set Apart. YAMMA. Rhythm Of Fear. Ripper.
For Fans Of: Suicide File

This band was short lived and CRIMINALLY slept on. Jesse's vocals are off the wall on this one.  All the members have moved on to various projects.

XTime To DieX

XTime To DieX - X Up Or Shut Up

Connected Bands: Casey Jones. Anchors Away. Kids Like Us.
For Fans Of: Older Throwdown.

I remember seeing XTTDXs first show. They open up for Evergreen Terraces "Burned Alive By Time" cd release show. Right before the break down in the opening song, i remember hearing "stop drop and roll mother fuckers!" and utter chaos broke out. And to be honest, what jacksonville kid doesn't know the saying "if you want to be a bear, be a grizzly bear".

Brain Damage

Brain Damage - Demo (plus a few extras)

Bands Connected: Taken By Force.
For Fans Of: Fast pissed of music.

This was very raw and honest punk rock, in my eyes. You could almost feel the teen angst in Brians vocals.

Honey Locust

Honey Locust - The Weekend


Fashoda - Ep

Uncle Buck

Uncle Buck - Demo


Stalemate - Tape Demo

Stalemate - Mitch Ep


Redfus - In A Years Time

Put Me To Shame

Put Me To Shame - Like July Bleeding Into August

Pile Driver

Pile Driver - Demo

Nervous Breakdown

Nervous Breakdown - Demo TAPE

From the note included:
"This demo sounds like shit. We are all aware of this. It was recorded on a boom box from about 1963. It was created solely for the listening enjoyment of OUR FRIENDS. Chances are if the sound is a problem, you arent our friend. If youre looking for Dolby Digital Surround Sound try From Autumn To Ashes...... faggot."

My Hostage

My Hostage - 2004 Demo

My Hostage - Unmastered Ep

My Hostage - Passing Yourself On The Long Walk Home

My Hostage - New Song Demos

My Hostage - Calling Vaction Home


Lugnut - Like The Dickens

Lugnut - Split w/ Officer Negative


Hatrick - Demo

Happy Hour

Happy Hour - Demo

Evergreen Terrace

Evergreen Terrace - Chips Music Demo
Evergreen Terrace - XOne FifthX Split


Estelle - Demo


Escher - Demo


Dorsia - Demo

Connected Bands: My Hostage. XTime To DieX.
For Fans Of: The Bled, Alexis On Fire.

These guys were awesome live. They were the dorkiest looking dudes. But the music we super sweet.

Corporate Control

Corporate Control - Opportunity For All


Cordelle - Demo
Cordelle - its not Complicated (single)

For Fans Of: jimmy Eat World. Foo Fighters

This is Craig From Evergreen Terrace side band.

Beer Dick

Beer Dick - Demo For Bail Money

As far as I'm aware of, this was Twig from Xreign of terrorX.
Tons of hilarious one liners.

Anchors Away

Demo And Ep

Connected Bands: XTime To DieX. Casey Jones.
For Fans Of: Fun Fast Hardcore

It was a shame this band broke up. Out of all their endeavors, I liked this one the most.