Thursday, December 4, 2014

Quick post.

Thanks for Checking out this awesome catalog. Woody and I will continue to post as we receive/find older demos (and what-not). But also, we would like to post new things as well. So if your band has a demo/free cd/a release that you want on here, please email it to me ( and i'll get that up ASAP.

And on another note... if your band is one here and you DON'T want it up here, just let me know and ill pull it down.

Brett and Woody.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Staring Daggers

I cant really remember much about this band. I went through a massive break up around this time and was drinking way way way too much. My old roomate Steve was in this band along with I believe Quinn on drums, James on bass, and Jeremy on vocals. Maybe Spenser on 2nd guitar, I dont remember just check it out. Fast pissed off hardcore. Funny story I own demo tape number 0 or these guys they ordered 100 but started numbering them from 0 so there is only 99.


Me and Mark

This was a side project of Josh James' mostly known for his role in Evergreen Terrace and Casey Jones most people dont remember him playing in Stalemate with Mark Oquinn (stalemate, Estelle). They reteamed up for this short lived project. 

- Woody

Major Payne

This was a joke rap group making fun of the scene by my friends Cancer and Scraggle. Along with a remix staring my boy Unstoppable. Major Payne played a few shows it was a ton of fun.

I'm also including a song Scraggle and Unstoppable did together I doubt they remember they did.

- Woody

Major Payne - Demo


So when I started listening to punk / hardcore I was still very much involved in the church so of course some of my first shows were church based punk bands. Lightswitch was one of the main three in Jacksonville in the mid 90's, the other two were Lugnut and Honeylocust. This is one of their records, artwork from Craig from Evergreen who played in this band for a little bit, on a side note I also played bass for this band for a few shows. I know this band had several other records I have lost over the years so if anyone has them please let me know.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dish Boy

Dish Boy - Salmon

Connected Bands: Neat-o
For Fans Of: pop punk-ska

The only thing i know about this band is, it was big dunn from neat-o

*shout out to my man ian on a few uploads


Enamored - Demo

Connected Bands: Stalemate. Evergreen Terrace
For Fans Of: Metal and Breakdowns

I don't have too many memories of this band. Seen them a few times and always had the floor moving.