Tuesday, December 3, 2013

If I Should Die

If I Should Die - Ep
If I Should Die - A Bleeding Heart And A Simple Goodbye

Connected Bands: Round For Round. Set Apart. The Thirteenth. A Day Without Blood. Taken By Force.
For Fans Of: Crappy early 2000's metal-core

This was my first "real" band. We were all in our mid-late teens. Played a TON of shows. Had a few line up changes. One of my fondest memories was opening for Comeback Kid, Norma Jean and With Honor. We were so stoked on that show. it was our first "big show". at the time it was just me playing guitar. Steve/manny, was just kicked out/left the band and we wanted to sound fuller that show. so we begged woody to fill in. The show ruled.

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